Introduction or why another Mormon faith crisis blog?

This Blog is for individuals or families who unexpectedly find themselves in a Mormon faith crisis. Either you or someone close to you accidently discovered some of the historical facts of the church that have been covered up, or by listening to one of the apostles or the prophet in an interview you heard them disavow doctrine that you have been taught from your youth, or perhaps you have stumbled onto the fact that the church is a multi billion dollar corporation that owns many businesses, including City Creek Mall in SLC, or maybe you have just had your gay child "come out" to you. Now you're faced with the decision of how you are going to react to this information, who are you going to put first, your child, or the church and their doctrine?

Like I said, this is for the person who was happily content in their faith, when suddenly they find themselves with additional knowledge, that is now trying their faith, or that of a family member.  This blog is to help you through the beginning stages of this.  Trust me, I know what it's like to feel your world has been swept out from under you.  My goal is to help keep families in tact, that should be everyone's goal, including the church's.  Don't let a faith crisis destroy your family, keep it the most important thing above every thing else.  You can always have a change of mind regarding a matter later, your may come to new conclusions in time, but you can not get your family back once you've let it dissolve. 

I've thought about people who left their spouse years ago because their spouse didn't believe in the church.  How must they feel now?  Especially in light of all the new information about the church, even the church is turning away from a lot of it's doctrine in their new essays, click here.  Imagine having left someone, just to find out years later that the church was in error on many accounts.  What a sad thing!  Please don't let that happen to you.  Everything is changing, if you are not aware of the changes, it doesn't mean they aren't happening, they just aren't being broadcast over the pulpit. 

Hang in there, the directions you take are decisions only you can make, but I do know that family comes first, FAMILY COMES FIRST!


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